SponsorFund Three Projects This package sponsors 3 projects of your choice. Receive all the benefits found on the SponsorFun.. Product #: SP3000 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $3,000.00 $3,000.00

SponsorFund Three Projects

Product Code: SP3000

Price: $3,000.00
Ex Tax: $3,000.00

Available Options

Note: Enter the project numbers you want to sponsor.
(Enter "Later" if you want to choose a project later)

* Project # 1:
* Project # 2:
* Project # 3:
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Sponsor Benefits:

Charter Sponsors Additional Benefits During 2016 (for the 1st 35 sponsors only):

  • Name, Image with link in the SponsorFunding Packet given out by our project people.
  • Charter Sponsor listings on various pages of our website.
  • Name & Image with link included to any email campaigns and appropriate marketing campaigns.
  • Banner presentation at any live musical or festival events sponsored by OurEarthMovement.com.
  • Permanent status as a Charter Sponsor even after the 1 year.

Social Media & Viral Video Exposure:

  • A "Selfie Video" is created by the person you sponsored with a heart felt thanks for your support.
  • This video is posted on THEIR Facebook page and any other social media platforms they use.
  • We post this video on OUR YouTube page (http://youtube.com/OurEarthMovement).
  • We post this video on OUR Facebook page (http://facebook.com/OurEarthMovement).
  • We post this video on YOUR OurEarthMovement.com "Sponsor profile".
  • We post this video on YOUR OurEarthMovement.com "Community profile" for everyone to see.
  • We post this video and/or other related materials to any social media venues we create.
  • We post this video under the "Recently Sponsored" area on our site.
  • YOU can post this video on YOUR Facebook page and/or additional social media sites.
  • Friend us on Facebook
  • 100% tax deductible as an advertising expense.  Consult your accountant.

Your Sponsor Profile on our website:

  • Create a customized "Sponsor Profile" containing business description, events, special offers/coupons, contact form, photos, videos, map & reviews.
  • Your "Special Offers" or coupons are listed in our searchable "Special Offers" page.
  • Your "Events" are listed in our searchable "Events" page.
  • "Contact Form" for visitors to contact you.
  • Your "Sponsor Profile" will contain a list of all the projects you have sponsored.
  • Your "Sponsor Profile" is randomly listed under "Featured Sponsors" in random rotation.
  • Your "Sponsor Profile" listed in the searchable "Browse Sponsors" section on our website.
  • Sponsor Logo added to the "SponsorFunding Opportunity" packet (.pdf file)

Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Creat your Sponsor Profile with your logo, images, videos and any personalized text you wish to use.
  • Optional - Fill out your "Community" (Facebook like) profile.  You can link this to a Facebook account and do automatic posting.  The amount of interaction with the community you wish to have is up to you.
  • Optional - Add your "Special Offers" or coupons to your profile for peple to see.
  • Optional - Post any events you may wish to have.

Company types not appropriate/eligible for our SponsorFunding Program:

  • Companies engaged in manufacture, sale or distribution of any of the following: firearms, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, toxic chemicals, sexual products, gambling, illegal activity, any form of discrimination or hatred activities.
  • We do reserve the right to refuse sponsorship to anyone.  If you have any questions, please contact us first that we may determine your eligibility based on our policies.

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