What Can I Do?



You want to make an impact or do your part in helping Our Earth but not sure what to do or where your passion is.

Start a fun environmental project and raise the money to see it manifest by Crowdfunding & Sponsorfunding

Below is a compilation of small to large really great environmental project ideas.








Greenhouse 1


Build a Greenhouse

Contribute to reducing the volume of carbon pollution.

Grow your own food which reduces the demand for monoculture food demand.


Gh2Soil:A simple conventional small or larger greenhouse using soil.






backyardtankaquaponicssystemAquaponics: Greenhouse using a aquaponics system.









Large Aquaponics Greenhouse




Build a aquaponics greenhouse and produce volume of fruits and vegatables.

Most small agricultural production are using aquaponics systems of all kinds. It's the best closed food production system with little maintenance and the best controlled results.


Build your own aquaponics system, outdoor and indoor.






Ap10Small Indoor Style Aquaponics












Ap12Large Outdoor Aquaponics Greenhouse













Honeybee Keeping



Help Our Honeybee!

Systemic Pesticides In Our Monocultures! It's damaging our American Honeybee.

Testing proves they greatly effect the honeybees nervous system.


Bee 4


CCD. Right now our American Honeybee is under severe CCD and even if we are able to change systemic pesticide usage on our mono crops we still need to help replenish their colonies.

Help restore our American Honeybee Colonies.

Become a amateur bee keeper.

Polinize your own garden, ensuring great pollination giving great bountiful fruits.

Hive: A single hive for backyard keeping.

Hives: More than one hive for larger keeping.

Honeybee Orchard: A large orchard or garden for keeping many colonies.


Hive Designs

This is called the honey flow bee hive design. With the turn of a small wheel this hive pours its own honey like a tap and it doesn't disterb the bees at all.

Honey Flow 2



Basic Wood Hive Design


This is the Warre Hive. A very good quality and affordable design that comes in a kit.

The Warre Store



Build It Yourself Design





Solar Energy




Solar energy is on the rise with higher energy demands coupled with China producing massive quantities of cheap solar panels that they are pushing to market.

Solar is cheaper than past production now.

Home: Installation of solar power station for your home or business.

Solar Farm: Larger acreage specifically just for solar power.



Alternative Building


557412 orig






Alternative building is probably one of the biggest environmental movements because of the growing number of people wanting less expensive building and they also have a consciousness for the environment.


Cobmixing1Cob: One of the best and most common alternative building materials.

(Clay, Earth & Organic Material Like Straw)




Oven2Cob Oven: Small cob stove molded over a brick foundation.






Hottub1Cob Hot Tub: A small body of water heated by fire.






Cob1Cob Cabin: A small easy built cabin or hogel.






Cob15Cob House: A larger scale cob home built over time.






People Working 3Straw Bale: Non-load barring walls made from straw bales that act as very good insulation and great

fire retardant. Straw bale is great for all kinds of buildings. Easily build a nice well insulated fire proof home.








events 640x300


Great environmental projects that will be for or benefit the community in any way.


Parkssplashpad1Parks: Get funding and build a community park.






CommunityGarden1Garden: Raise funds for a great community garden.






CommunityGreenhouse1Greenhouse: Build a community greenhouse.






CommunityWorkshops1Workshops: Hold local workshops of all environmental kinds.





EventCenter1Event Center: Build a local event center to hold great events of all kinds.





LivingCafe1Living Cafe: Open a Living Cafe in your city.





TipiRretreat1Retreat: Start and grow a retreat center.





Thanks for reading.


We hope to inspire.