S.M.A.R.T. Moms - Smart Moms Are Removing Trash

Imagine thousands of environmentally conscious moms across the country cleaning up our parks with their kids while being paid $20/hr for their work. Image the benefit to our ecology, our children and how the extra income will help them.


S.M.A.R.T. Moms is a grassroots movement empowering mothers to help clean up our parks and create extra income for their family.  They are solving three issues at the same time:

  1. Cleaning up parks and areas of cities that need it.

  2. Providing additional income for their family.

  3. Teaching their children to be ecologically aware.

With a multitude of moms trying to make ends meet and our earth being overwhelmed with trash everywhere we go, let's not turn a blind eye to either.


Single moms

This is a pilot project to see if our society embraces it.

If so, then mothers all around the country will be able to create their own projects, target specific parks and/or areas of a city, raise money through CrowdFunding and SponsorFunding, which is what makes the entire idea attractive and sustainable for the moms.  What better way to solve two problems at once.

The S.M.A.R.T. Moms program is founded by OurEarthMovement.com.  We personally know two single moms (friends of the family) who are willing and able. With them in mind, we are targeting 2 specific areas in Tulsa, OK (See below). If we raise more money than the goal, we will continue with our mothers into other areas.

100% of this project's proceeds go toward paying the moms and for supplies.

For businesses wishing SponsorFund this project, you will receive all the benefits from OurEarthMovement.com spelled out on our SponsorFunding page.


The moms & kids:

  • Each mom will be paid $20/hour because it should be a livable wage and enough to encourage them to continue and attractive enough for moms across the country to jump on board.

  • Suggested to go out in 3-6 hour increments, so as not to overburden the process. The goal is to make it fun for the kids and financially beneficial for the mom.

  • Moms grouping together with other moms would make great outings.

  • Moms should be accompanied by their kids but can also go out alone if desired.


our earth love

Each mom will be supplied enough money for them to purchase the following:

  • A “Trash Picker” for the mom and 1-2 for older kids ($10-20 each)
  • 1 - 13 gallon box of 20 Trash bags (black for trash) ($5)
  • 1 - 13 gallon box of 20 Trash bags (white for recycle) ($5)
  • Additional trash bags as needed
  • S.M.A.R.T. Moms T-Shirts for each member of family to be worn during clean up
  • 1 Children's wagon for hauling trash, carrying water and snacks plus fun for the younger kids (Under $70).  If moms already have an adequate wagon
  • Totaling $100.


Mom's Responsibilities:

  • Take before and after images and/or videos cleaning up the area.
  • Send some of the images and videos to us in order to post on this project and Facebook.
  • Moms keep their own schedule of when to go out and how long to stay.  The number of hours is up to you.
  • Keep honest track of the hours spent cleaning up versus the time in between taking breaks.
  • We encourage any breaks as needed to keep kids having a good time. Work and play in the same day.
  • Remember to bring water, food and snacks for everyone to keep the energy level up.
  • Above all else, please laugh and have fun, knowing you are helping to overwhelm our earth with good.
  • Separate recycle trash (plastics, cans, glass...) from regular trash, using two different colored trash bags.


Every donation is a vote of confidence and support
toward launching this program.

This is just the beginning...


Businesses are also welcome to SponsorFund this project
(Learn More - Click Here)


Area 1: River Parks, east side between 15th and 21st streets, Tulsa, OK - Google Map of Park

Single Moms Clean Up The Parks - River Parks Tulsa, OK


Area 2: Adams Park, Tulsa, OK - Google Map of Park

Single moms clean up Adams Park, OK

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Vote of Confidence

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A hearty thank you from everyone who enjoys this park, from the single moms with their kids for the opportunity to help and be helped and for contributing towards overwhelming our earth with good.

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An even MORE HEARTY thank you from everyone who enjoys this park, from the single moms with their kids for the opportunity to help and be helped and for contributing towards overwhelming our earth with good.