Our Earth Retreat & Land

A beautiful acreage close to Tulsa where we can manifest all of the plans we have for a green retreat and events destination that will influence and be a positive addition to the Tulsa community. If this idea inspires you then contact us and maybe there is a way for you to collaborate with us in making this happen.

Help us by raising half of the cost of the property (roughly 40,000) and the other half will come from profits from the success of the website as a whole. Together we can actually make this happen for us and for Tulsa.

The land will be divided into areas for;

Tent Camping

Tipi Cabins

Cob Cabins


Alternative Building Workshops

Event Center

Aquaponics Greenhouse (to serve organic food)

Full bathrooms with showers

Hot tub

Disk Golf

Festivals, Music Shows, Yoga Events, Camping Parties, Spiritual Workshops Ext.


The Property

We are looking for a beautiful spread of land that's close to town and will be about 10-20 acres. The cost will approximately be: $80,000. We intend on raising the money through crowdfunding, sponsorships and profits from the success of the website. Most of the money that we raise will all go towards purchasing the land, then we wish to build off the grid and use alternative building methods to build our homes and the retreat. We would like something close to town instead of going way cheap and way far from town.

Example Property


20 Acres/Sand Springs $85,000



The Retreat


We wish to create a overnight retreat experience as a part of the overall experience with us. Come out for a day, stay overnight or the weekend, have an event, host a yoga retreat, work on yourself or as a couple in our spiritual workshops.

Overnight stays will be available in our;

 Tent Camping



 TiPi Cabins

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 Cob Cabins



Cob Hot Tub


We will also offer;


Thai Message







Our Earth Festivals

The land will be a beautiful place to hold the Our Earth festivals twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. A 2 day weekend environmental event with camping, bathroom amenities, music shows, activities and games.


Organic Eating

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We wish to build a aquaponics greenhouse that we can give classes about and produce enough food for the family and all the guests that may stay overnight.


Alternative Building Workshops


We wish to teach hands on alternative building methods focusing on cob as one of the best materials from the earth to use and has become very popular. One of the first things we will do on the land is hold cob workshops because we will need to build the building for the retreat and homes. We plan on bringing out a cob building consultant to over see the workshops then eventually we will be knowledgeable enough to hold our own and on going on the property.


Cob Workshops





Hot Tubs



Solar Power

Solar Nevada

With the Solar industry exploding with China leading the market place by pushing cheap solar panels at huge volume, making solar installation more attractive and easy plug and play. We plan on building a solar power station on the property that will give us free abundant easily manageable power.

The main way that solar installation is happening is by your local solar installation company and they buy and properly install the panels. You can also buy your own panels straight from China and then you can probably install them yourselves or maybe have them installed.

Here are two great Solar instalation companies in Tulsa

Ion-Solar & Wind

Sun City Solar Energy


Spiritual Workshops

Personal and relationship based spiritual workshops and sessions. Come work on yourself in any form and evolve your being for the better and the peaceful.

This whole idea is a dream that our family has had close to our hearts for a longtime now.

If this can be accomplished then the family is set up to live out a great peaceful close to the earth and spirit life.

Accomplishing this would also allow us to focus more on deeper spiritual things and continue to evolve our consciousnesses.

Thanks for reading,


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TiPi Weekend

Donate $50 USD

2 Night stay in one of my nice TiPi's

Donate $50 USD

Full Weekend Tent Camping Stay With Organic Food, Games, Full Bathrooms, Hot Tub.

Donate $200 USD

Full Weekend 2 Night Cob Cabin Stay With Organic Food, Games, Full Bathrooms, Hot Tub.

Donate $500 USD

Event Center. Full Weekend Event Center Rental To Hold A Weekend Retreat Or Hold An Event. Weddings, Yoga, Music ext.