You want to make an impact or do your part in helping Our Earth but not sure what to do or where your passion is.


How does it work?

Here are the Steps for Starting a Project:

  1. Click any "Start a Project" button or link on the website.
  2. Login with your username OR "Create an Account" if you have not yet done so.
  3. Now you're at the "Create a New Project" page.  Complete at least the required info and click "Save Project".
  4. Under "My Account" -> "My Projects & Share Links" you can easily edit your projects and continue to update them.
  5. Make sure to upload images, videos & the Givebacks/Perks, people love all of that.
  6. Begin sharing on your social networks.
  7. To begin "Sponsorfunding", under "My Account" -> "SponsorFunding Packts" you can click "Flyer" & "Packet" for the .pdf files to either email to companies and/or print out copies of either and drop them off at businesses.  You can have as many Sponsors as you like.  (see more on SponsorFunding)


What is the pricing and the fees of a project?

  • It is free to create a project.
  • Upon a successful donation, will deduct a 5% fee to make Our Earth Movement sustainable.
  • In addition, PayPal deducts their 3% + .30 cent transaction fee, determined at the time of transaction.
  • You can expect to net 92% of donations (minus the .30 cent fee).
  • All funds are $USD - US Dollars.
  • All payments are through PayPal for security reasons.
  • SponsorFunding is a different fee schedule.


What can I raise money for? is focused on "Environmental" projects, causes, organizations and events to raise awareness. Raising money for other reasons is not appropriate for this venue but there are many other CrowdFunding websites available.


Can I have more than one project at a time?

Absolutely, as many as you like.  We understand that big projects may constist of a series of smaller projects.


Can I use your platform if I also have campaigns elsewhere?

Absulutely and we hope your campaigns on other CrowdFunding websites are also successful so that we may overwhelm our earth with good.

Are payments secure?

Yes.  We use PayPal exclusively for this reason.  Even if our website is hacked (like way too many others), all payments are collected via PayPal, so we do not store any credit card information on our website.


Do I need a PayPal account to make a donation to a project?

No. You can pay using a credit card through the PayPal website at checkout.  We choose use the PayPal system exclusively for security reasons.

How can I request donations be transferred to me?

Simly go to the "Contact" page and click the "Request Money from Donations".  Include the Project Number since you can have multiple projects at one time.  Please allow 5-7 business days for processing, transferring and/or mailing.


How long do withdrawals take?

To protect the donors, new projects must wait 7 days.  After that, please allow between 5 and 7 business days for processing and such. You can choose between an electronic bank transfer or paper check delivery during the withdrawal process.


Where can I enter my bank account information to receive payments?

Each project has it's own "Alternative payment details" found on step 2 of editing the project.

Can I setup a project for a friend, a cause or organization?

Yes.  However, all donations will need to be managed and transferred to you.  Then you can write them a check or transfer the money to them in whatever way you deem best.


Do my donors get charged addition fees?

No.  Fees are deducted after their contribution.


Are there any time limits on projects?

No. No deadlines or time frames which to complete your project campaign. Your project remains open to receiving donations until such time that you choose to stop taking donations or remove the campaign. You do not need to make your project inactive after completion, simply set the end date to stop taking donations.  Leave it visible for the world to continue to see.


Do I have to meet my goal amount?

No.  Attaining your goal is not required to receive money.


Can I go over my goal amount?

Yes and many do within the world of CrowdFunding.


How will I know if someone donates?

We send you an email noticiation each time a donation is made to your project.  You can also see a financial summary under "My Account" -> "My Projects" -> "Project Dashboard".

Can I use a handle insead of my real name?

No. You must use your real name on your projects.


Is a Facebook account required?

Not for projects.  However, Facebook is a great tool for spreading the word about your projects.  SponsorFunding does require some form of social network.


Can I hold a raffle or contest in my project?

No. If everyone who donates at a certain level receives the same reward, then it's not considered gambling, because there is no risk involved for any of your donors. If there is risk involved, then it is considered online gambling and such requires an online gambling license in the United States.

This includes any of the following: online contests, lotteries, raffles, pyramid schemes, gambling activities or any other form of prohibited financial activity.




Is my country supported?

Currently, we are focusing on just projects residing within the United States and use the $USD currency only.  Therefore, we prefer a USA address.  However, your project may ultimately benefit anywhere in the world.  For instance, you may be a person or organization in Florida who have a project to deliver clean water to a distressed country.


Can I receive donations from countries other than the US?

Yes.  Because we use PayPal, we can receive donations from anywhere in the world.  The currency does need to be $USD, we don't want deal with currencty rates at this time.


Can people donate from their phones?

Yes.  Our website is mobile-friendly.  We do not currently have a dedicated for donating.

We raised money offline, can it be listed on our campaign?

Yes, for Personal campaigns only. Simply select 'Add Offline Donation' inside of your GoFundMe Dashboard to add money you received offline to your campaign total. No payment is actually made, and the donation will be marked as an 'Offline Donation' on your campaign.

Can people give anonymously?

Yes. At donation time, they enter the word 'Anonymous" for their name.  Their email address is always hidden from the public. However, the Campaign Organizer will always know who the donor is.


Can people choose to donate on an automatic recurring basis?

Not at this time.


What are the tax liabilities for me accepting donations?

Due to the nature and complexity of tax situations along with differing tax statuses, we cannot advise anyone on the speciifics but refer you to your accountant or a professional to assess your liabilities.  CrowdFunding is an evolving industry regarding taxes.  At the moment, most donations through CrowdFunding are considered "Personal Gifts", which are not taxed in the United States.